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Concrete Evidence is a Channel Island based video production company specialising in documentary productions about World War II.

In June 1940 German troops, fresh from their "Blitzkrieg" successes in Europe, stood on the French coast eagerly eyeing the Channel Islands through their binoculars. They were prepared to take the Islands by force, as Whitehall had delayed making public the fact that the Islands had been demilitarised during the weeks before France capitulated. Events moved swiftly and on the 28th June, after air raids on both Jersey and Guernsey which caused the loss of civilian lives, the Germans made landings at both of the Islands' airports and so annexed the only British soil to be captured by the Germans during World War II. Their Occupation then commenced.

Adolf Hitler,who had an obsession with the Islands being part of the British Empire, gave direct orders to transform them into an "Impregnable Fortress" of concrete and steel. This took place over the next four years.

The Channel Islands, Hitler's "mailed fist in the Atlantic Wall" were key to his strategy for defending occupied Europe. Although the German military high command saw no strategic advantage in the Islands, Hitler was convinced that by defending them and the waters around them, German troops and equipment along the French coast, from Cherbourg right round to Saint-Brieuc, could be freed up from costal defence roles and utilised in other areas.

What remains today are some of the best-preserved examples of German fortifications anywhere along the Atlantic Wall. There are still extensive tunnel networks, hewn from the loose Jersey shale by Russian and Polish slave workers, under terrible conditions, with the use of only their bare hands and simple tools. There are thousands of tons of poured concrete, shaping hundreds of battle structures that now stand as a stark reminder of this troubled time and pay testament to the hard labour, brutal efforts and formidable achievements made, under strict military conditions.

The Germans were the first aggressors to successfully occupy the Islands since their sworn allegiance to the British Crown in 1204. This was mainly because they had been well defended from that time on, with a system of Medieval Castles and Napoleonic round towers. The German engineers were quick to adapt many of these for use in modern warfare. There are numerous examples of old Jersey granite buildings integrated with German concrete formations.

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