About Us


About Us

Jersey is the homeland of the Concrete Evidence Bunker Hunters, Cristin and Damian. It is the largest of the Channel Islands and was one of the most heavily fortified, a 'mailed fist' in Hitler's formidable brain-child, the Atlantic Wall.

As young boys, these two brothers were fascinated by the wealth of awesome and sinister looking battle structures that lay strewn about their homeland and so spent much of their spare time searching out and exploring German bunkers, tunnels and battlefield areas associated with World War II and occupied Jersey.

They have paid many visits to Brittany and Normandy, exploring the disregarded fortifications that were once a very important and active part of Hitler's immense war effort. Some of these features, even now, are left exactly as they were on the day they were put out of action by Allied Forces over sixty years ago.

The boys, although now grown up, are still as interested as ever and are frequently coming back home covered in mud and scratched to pieces as is part of bunkering practice. The only difference is they now take a video camera with them.

60 years on, the Channel Islands still bear the scars of this dark period of their history, with gun emplacements, observation posts, barracks and storage tunnels lying dormant on the now peaceful and scenic island, a testament to one man's obsession.


They would like to hear from anyone who is undertaking a project of any of the following relating to World War 2:

Wreck recovery (aircraft, vehicle or ship)

Restoration (Bunkers, tunnels - any structure built for offense or defense during the war)

Examples of recovery and restoration projects can be found on our links page, if you are undertaking or are aware of any such projects please contact us.