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Concrete Evidence has embarked upon a feature documenting battlefield remnants of Jersey with a 'then and now' theme prevailing.

This production will hopefully be complete in time for the Channel Islands' sixtieth anniversary liberation celebrations in May 2005. It will give a good indication to anybody not prepared to fight their way through dense undergrowth and brambles, what fantastic examples of fortress strength fortifications still lie hidden in the headlands of the picturesque Jersey coastline or tunnelled deep into the rock embankments of the lush valleys.

It will also show how many of these unusual and sinister looking remnants have been converted for use in every day civilian life, including café's, houses, fish farms, storage areas and even a mushroom farm.

The passage of time has now softened the attitude of the Channel Islanders towards these massive concrete constructions. We wish to capture an image of daily life around these structures, be it sunbathers all along the miles of anti-tank wall, bird sanctuaries in flooded defensive ditches or thriving business centres with three meter thick reinforced concrete walls and a reception area designed to be defended with a machine gun.

Summer 2005

At the end of the occupation, British Army Engineers took up the challenge to make safe the island and clear all booby traps, mines, barbed wire and beach obstacles.

Occasionally, owing to the large sand movements along Jersey's coastline, it is possible to see the tops of some of the beach obstacles. These were dismantled and buried in great holes in the sand in order to dispose of them in 1945-6.

Wooden posts still stick out of the sand along the beach of the west coast and the rusty tips of Czech Hedgehogs can be seen in the bay of Grouville in the east.

As part of our production we decided to dig some of these hedgehogs up and see what sort of condition they were in and maybe, if possible, re assemble the parts to restore one.


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